TechLeaders event

posted Jun 30, 2010, 10:54 PM by Leora Wiseman
We had a great turn out and great day at the first event of the Technit community. We introduced the community. Marissa Mayer spoke about challenges in her career, the 20% women rule that Larry and Sergey had at the start of Google, and how she grew her influence over time and as Google grew in scale.

Jo Miller led two fascinating workshops about building your influence and your network. Giving examples from real women she knew and how they overcame the challenges to increase their influence, and with exercises, Jo got us all to think of several steps we can all take to increase our influence.

The speed networking session was very energizing. We split into two circles and got to meet at least 5 women and practice our 30 second commercial, as well as ask the other person for something and practice saying "no".

The working groups session was an hour long. We split into seven teams:
-- Technical leadership of women
-- Technical empowerment and inspiration
-- Planning future events
-- Mentoring
-- Running the website/forum
-- Relationships with students
-- Growing the community and making it thrive
We will post a summary of the first steps each group is planning to take and the people to contact if you want to help.

Finally, at the end of the day we had four panelists tell us about their experiences, successes, failures, challenges. The panelists were Dr. Orna Berry, Dr. Dorit Dor, Dr. Michal Tsur, and Shulamit Banay. They engaged with us and even showed up early to participate in some of the other activities.

The slides from the presentation are attached.

- Leora Wiseman
Leora Wiseman,
Jun 30, 2010, 11:21 PM